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Fusion’s Expanded Polystyrene is manufactured in Queensland for use in the building industries. Our high quality process provides a strong, lightweight, durable and recyclable product that can be cut and shaped to perfectly suit your project.

Block dimensions and sheet sizes

Block: 5025mm x 1225mm x 615mm
Standard flat sheet: 5000mm x 1200mm
Standard flat sheet thicknesses: 20mm – 600mm

On request, FusionEPS can manufacture heavier grades.

Available densities

SL, S, M, H and VH
Grade Nominal density kg/m³ Applications
SL 13.5 Sandwich panels, patio roofs, insulation; wall and ceilings, packaging, voidforms
S 16 Sandwich panels, patio roofs, insulation; wall and ceilings, packaging, voidforms
M 19 External wall cladding, insulation, packaging, underfloor insulation
H 24 Bridge constructions, voidforms, geofoam, underflooring, coldrooms
VH 28 Bridge and tunnel construction, voidforms, geofoam

Insulating properties

FusionEPS expanded polystyrene has excellent insulation properties. Thermal Resistance or R-Value is indicated in the table below. This is an example only, and actual R-Values vary depending on the air space, internal and external temperatures and the other building materials used.

R Value of EPS
SL Grade EPS
°C 50mm 75mm
20 1.244 1.866
25 1.220 1.707
30 1.196 1.675
M Grade EPS
°C 50mm 75mm
20 1.33 2.000
25 1.305 1.958
30 1.282 1.923
VH Grade EPS
°C 50mm 75mm
20 1.445 2.167
25 1.420 2.130
30 1.369 2.094

Fire retardant

Expanded polystyrene is flame-retardant. EPS will not burn unless it has a constant flame applied to it. Depending on the temperature, EPS will melt before it burns. The temperature for ignition is 488° - 496°C and melting point is 100°-120°C. This is high when compared to polyurethane with a melting point of 85° - 121°C and an ignition temperature of 416°C. Natural woods ignite at between 190° - 260°C.

If polystyrene is involved in a fire, the gasses from polystyrene are less toxic than natural products such as wood.

Seriously sustainable.

Fusion EPS recycles all of its waste polystyrene products and unusable off cuts by compressing them down and providing to third parties to be manufactured into other commercial and household products.

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